What to Expect/FAQs

About St. Luke's Children's Cancer Institute

St. Luke's Children's Cancer Institute, benefiting from Ignite Your life Experience fundraising efforts, stands as a beacon of hope for young cancer fighters. This esteemed institution is dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatment and compassionate care for children battling cancer. Their commitment to research, patient care, and family support has significantly impacted the lives of many.

Where does my donation go to Ignition?

Every dollar raised from the charity plunge event directly supports the St. Luke's Children's Cancer Institute's vital work. The event's pledge to donate $100,000 underlines a deep commitment to helping these young warriors in their fight. Participants of the plunge IYLE24 aren't just part of an extraordinary event – they're active contributors to a noble cause that extends hope and support to children and families during their most challenging times.

What are the dates & activities?

The event spans July 19-20, 2024, starting with the VIP Experience featuring an fun whitewater rafting trip, followed by a Gatsby themed VIP mixer. The next day includes the Navy SEAL mindset and motivation workout, Incredible Mastermind with world class speakers, and capped off with the Plunge charity event. All taking place in the vibrant city of Boise, ID.

Who should attend?

This event is ideal for anyone seeking a growth-oriented experience and are passionate about networking, personal development, and leveling up in their Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Im coming in from out of town, where should I stay?

You'll want to fly into the Boise International (BOI) airport, which is just minutes from downtown Boise and where the events venues will be. There are several great hotels downtown to choose from, but we recommend The Grove Hotel or The Inn at 500.  

What should I plan for?

An INCREDIBLE time! The event is named the Ignite Your Life Experience for a reason! Everything about it is specifically designed to create an unforgettable experience. You'll be meeting a lot of great people, learning from incredible speakers, seeing some of Idaho's famous scenery, and taking part in breaking a world record all in the name of helping kids battling cancer!

What should I expect for the whitewater rafting trip?

Idaho is known for it's outdoor beauty and adventure. While rafting down the Payette, you'll have professional raft guide in your boat. And while Idaho has some pretty crazy whitewater rafting, we'll be taking the fun and safe route. It's got just enough rocking 'n rolling to make it incredibly fun, but not so much that it requires any kind of experience. It's safe and so much fun! 

If I don't want to get into the cold plunge, is that ok?

Of course! Breaking the world record for the largest plunge ever (more than 509 people) is really just for the fun of it and because of how many health benefits there are. There will be plenty of other things going on with food trucks, cool vendors to check out, over 750 people to network with, bounce houses for the kids, and all kinds of amazing auction items to help raise money for St. Luke's Children's Cancer Institute!