Meet The Dream Team

Tim Grover

World Renowned Elite Coach & Author 

Tim Grover is recognized globally as an elite trainer and coach, having mentored iconic sports figures and penned bestselling books. With over 30 years of experience shaping sports legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, Tim's expertise in driving peak performance is unparalleled. His New York Times bestsellers, "WINNING: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness" and "RELENTLESS: From Good to Great to Unstoppable," reflect his deep understanding of what it takes to achieve and sustain greatness.

​Tim's journey from NCAA Division I basketball player to celebrated Hall of Famer and influential speaker exemplifies his commitment to excellence. His keynote speeches worldwide resonate with those eager to unlock their potential. At Ignition Mastermind, Tim will distill his profound insights on relentless drive, mental toughness, and the ultimate winning mindset.



Ray "Cash" Care's Navy SEAL and motivational expert career brings a unique perspective to Ignition Mastermind. His vast experience includes providing security for government agencies and serving multiple tours in high-stress environments.

Ray, a decorated Navy SEAL veteran, epitomizes discipline and resilience. His experiences across multiple zone tours, providing security for government agencies, have honed his skills in
leadership and team-building.

Post-military, Ray has channeled his energies into empowering others. As a motivational speaker, he focuses on fitness, team dynamics, and transformative change. Attendees at Ignition Mastermind can anticipate an invigorating session with Ray, drawing lessons from his
​life's challenges and triumphs.

Jen Gottlieb

Bestselling Author & Entrepreneurial PowerHouse

Jen Gottlieb's remarkable journey in entertainment and entrepreneurship makes her a dynamic speaker for Ignition Mastermind. As a former VH1 host and Broadway actress turned co-founder of Super Connector Media, Jen exemplifies the spirit of transformation and achievement. Her accolades include being an international speaker, hosting the "I Dare You" podcast, and being
recognized in Forbes and Business Insider. Her session promises to inspire with insights into building profitable brands and becoming a recognized expert in one's field.

Tim Kennedy

NYT Bestselling Author & American Hero 

Tim Kennedy, a Master Sergeant with the US Army Green Berets and Special Forces sniper, brings a blend of combat experience and entrepreneurial spirit to the event. His illustrious career as a professional mixed martial arts fighter and appearance in various TV shows, like HISTORY Channel's ''Hunting Hitler'',' add to his multifaceted profile. A New York Times bestselling author, Tim's talk at Ignition Mastermind is set to be a compelling narrative on resilience, patriotism, and achieving the extraordinary

Lindsey Schwartz

Entrepreneur, Investor, & Women's Empowerment Leader

Lindsey Schwartz is an entrepreneur, investor, and the founder of Powerhouse Women, deeply committed to mentoring women across various spheres. Her journey is marked by a mission to inspire women globally to overcome fear and self-doubt and to chase their entrepreneurial dreams. As an acclaimed speaker, Lindsey travels extensively, advocating for women to act on their big ideas and craft the careers they desire. The inception of the Powerhouse Women
community and podcast underpins her philosophy that collaboration and openness are crucial to success in both business and life.


​Real Estate Investment Mogul

Ryan Garland has carved a niche as a real estate investment mogul, demonstrating an astute understanding of the market and investment strategies. His insights and experiences in the real estate sector position him as a valuable resource for anyone looking to excel in this field. At Ignition Mastermind, Ryan will share his journey and strategies, offering attendees a roadmap to success in real estate investments.

Matt Schneider

Serial Entrepreneur & Business Strategist

Matt Schneider brings a wealth of experience as a serial entrepreneur with a portfolio that spans diverse industries. His journey from law enforcement into the business world, including roles such as the EVP of Fit Pro Tracker and founder of multiple successful enterprises, illustrates his fearless approach to entrepreneurship. His diverse background, from SWAT operations to strategic business development, provides unique insights into disciplined leadership and
business growth. Matt's presence at Ignition Mastermind is set to inspire and guide attendees on the path to entrepreneurial and podcast underpins her philosophy that collaboration and openness are crucial to success in both business and life.


Marine Raider, MARSOC & Inspirational Speaker

​As a Marine Raider and member of MARSOC, Cody has a story of remarkable resilience and courage. After surviving a life-threatening injury, he has transformed his experience into a source of motivation for others. His journey as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker
​speaks to his incredible strength and ability to overcome adversity. His presence at Ignition Mastermind promises to be both inspiring and empowering.

Elec Simon

Hype Emcee & Musician

Elec Simon, known for his electrifying performances as a hype emcee and musician, brings unparalleled energy to Ignition Mastermind. His talent for creating engaging and dynamic experiences through music makes him a standout addition to the event. Attendees can look forward to an invigorating session with Elec, where music meets motivation and rhythm inspires action.

"The muscle"

8-Figure Entrepreneur, Author, TV Personality, & Coach

Keaton Hoskins, also known as The Muscle, is a successful entrepreneur and business owner who has started and operated 22 companies in various industries, including a personal training company, gym, dental office, plastic surgery clinic, apparel company, and sports training for youth companies. He has built an 8-figure business and has found financial success in every business he has launched, spending no more than $7,500 to start or launch any of them. 

Larry Hagner

Entrepreneur & The Dad Edge Podcast

Larry Hagner is the founder of The Dad Edge Podcast which focuses on gaining skills from the over 700 experts interviewed so far, on how to live a legendary life as a husband, father, and man. Larry is a proud father of 4 energetic boys. The husband of his soul mate, Jessica for the past 18 years.

Erik Rock

Entrepreneur, Coach, & Speaker

Erik Rock is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and motivational speaker known for his diverse portfolio of successful businesses and his unwavering commitment to acts of service. Erik has a relentless focus on personal and financial growth. With nearly two decades of brand building experience, Erik Rock has honed his expertise in various sectors, including retail, retail development, land development, real estate, marketing, branding, performance coaching, and business consulting. Erik has his own podcast "Man on a Mission" that shares the same name as his coaching program!

Bruce Cardenas

$1 Billion Entrepreneur & A-List Celebrity Protection

Bruce Cardenas is a former executive of Quest Nutrition and was a driving force in the companies $1B acquisition in 2019, at which point Bruce took his exit from the company. Since the sale of Quest, Bruce has continued to thrive, helping lead Legendary Foods and serving on the boards of esteemed companies like Blk Water, 21 Rocs, Perfy Drinks, and Saleen Motors, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to community betterment through philanthropic endeavors with organizations.