Here's what's included...

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A community

Our community is both live and virtual with incredible couples located all over the United States. 

We have an incredible online platform where members connect daily to learn from experts, grow their relationships and businesses, and connect to others achieving big goals. 

In addition, we have local chapters in cities all over the country where Ubuntu members meet monthly to get into closer proximity to other highly driven and successful couples.

monthly coaching and mentorship calls

Each month,  some of the most successful and accomplished entrepreneurs and couples join our community to  discuss exactly how they've achieved their success and show our members the blueprints to succeed in their Health, Wealth, and Relationships. 

These coaching calls are legitimately worth MILLIONS.

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community mission trips

Nothing will fill your cup and make you feel more alive and fulfilled like helping people in need. 

Each year we team up with incredible charities such as Fight For The Forgotten to bring clean water, aide, and a helping hand. Our work as a community legitimately saves lives and creates huge generational impact. 

monthly challenges

Each month our community has a challenge. Some of them are big and some are small, butt all of them will make you a better person and a more successful couple in your Health, Wealth, and Relationships. 

During the holiday season, our community goes all in on the 'I am because WE are' mantra of Ubuntu. We come together as a family and collectively make huge impact in communities all around the United States and the world! 

Suffice it to say, you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself at the end of each challenge you complete. 

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goal smashing & accountability

Each member has our community Goal Smashing & Accountability workbook which contains almost 200 pages of proven strategies on living a life of abundance in your Health, Wealth, and Relationships. 

The community helps you overcome obstacles, avoid pitfalls, hold you accountable to your commitments, lift you up in the hard times, and celebrate your victories when you win.


Let's face it... you spend entirely too much time thinking about how you look in the mirror. Every time you pass by one you glance over to see how you look only to have a series of negative thoughts take over... 

Those negative thoughts create self-limiting beliefs and destructive behaviors. In Ubuntu, we call that negative voice, "The Critic". 

Our community is not about health and fitness specifically. But shutting down the Bear is a major focus and one of our pillars. Ubuntu is about your physical health.. mental health.. and  emotional health. 

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Make no mistake about it... Money IS a vehicle to freedom. And if you had more of it, you could be totally debt free.. have the very best insurances.. experience more incredible sights and cultures around the world.. Donate more to your church and charities.. and do more good for more people. 

You can either live a life or comfort and make enough to get by and have a little bit of fun along the way... 

Or, you can have HUGE bank accounts, massive amounts of liquid assets, and a net worth that sets up future generations. 

The choice is 100% yours.


Ubuntu is an ancient African proverb which translates to, "I am because WE are."

You get to choose who you do life with. And when it comes to your marriage, you're a team, doing life TOGETHER. You two are Ubuntu... You are because THEY are. And they are because YOU are.

We are tribal people with deep roots in community. And unfortunately most people lack it in their lives. They lack those deep and meaningful relationships with others that are cut from the same cloth and driven to succeed in the same way. 

In Ubuntu, our relationships are our riches. Your relationship with yourself.. with your spouse.. with your kids.. with your community.. with your life. We create abundance in every relationship we choose to have!

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How often are group calls?
You wil get two group calls per month with myself and the guest experts I bring into the community.

Is this community for couples looking for marriage counseling?
No. While some of the mentors are doctors and experts in relationships, they are providing success habits and methods for couples to dominate life together. If you're in a place where you feel counseling is what your relationship needs, this isn't the place. But make sure to find it elsewhere. 

Can I join if I'm not married?
Yes! Anyone who is looking to step into their full potential and begin dominating in their health, wealth, and relationships is welcome to join. If you're single but looking for the tools of a healthy and successful relationship for that next special someone, this community is for you!

Will this help me get in shape?
Yes! Our fitness experts will provide meal plans and workouts. Throughout the year we have several challenges to help you get in shape. However, this is not primarily a weight loss program, and you will experience far more than just a physical transformation!

Will I get 1:1 time with Matt?
No. This is a group program. The power of this membership is two-fold: the expert mentors who will be teaching monthly, and the other members who are pursuing greatness in the same ways you are. Leveraging those two things will give you the tools you need for ultimate success.

Can I cancel my membership?
Yes! If you join and decide our community isn’t for you, canceling is simple. We have a ‘love it or leave it’ guarantee. All you need to do is contact us at and request to cancel. We do require 30-days notice.

Will this be beneficial for me as a seasoned business owner?

Yes! If you are someone who wants to accelerate growth in both business and your personal life, this will help you do that! If you are in a place where you business is growing but your health and relationships are suffering, this is the perfect community for you. If you are looking for a network to lock arms with and grow together with, we are your people!

Do I have to be an entrepreneur to join?
No. This community is for anyone who wants to dramatically level up n the areas of their Health, Wealth, and Relationships.